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Ken Andrews resigns; spent 18 years in code enforcement

Staff Writer

Ken Andrews, Hooksett's code enforcement officer, is clearing out his office.

In light of his resignation, Andrews will be removing all of the signs and certificates that brief viewers of his prestigious qualifications and putting up an old sign from his college days.

"Hi mom, send money."

Andrews has been Hooksett's code enforcement officer for a few months shy of 18 years. His last day will be Oct. 1.

"It's just not fun anymore," Andrews said. "But it has been an awesome time. It's a necessary job, but it's an evil job. I'm tired of making people unhappy."

Andrews said he has dedicated the better part of two decades to Hooksett, and although he is pleased and proud of his work, it has taken a toll on him. Andrews said he receives threatening phone calls and spends his night popping blood pressure pills.
Now 55, Andrews wants to spend more time with his 12 grandchildren and at his house in Florida. What he will do next, he doesn't know. Maybe mom will send money.

Hooksett Assessing Director Sandra Piper said Andrews will certainly be missed.

"He's going to be really hard to replace," Piper said. "He's got qualifications that just won't quit. He's been here for so long that I don't know where to begin to look for someone else. He will be missed tremendously."

Piper said she isn't sure if they'll ever find anyone as qualified as Andrews, but they are looking. Piper is happy with the timing because the assessing department has gotten through its busiest time of the year and is getting ready to send out the tax bills.

Town Administrator Moni Sharma said he is saddened by Andrews' resignation. Sharma has posted the position, and Andrews has promised to help find someone to fill his shoes.

"It's really a setback," Sharma said. "He's a good employee, but if he wants to do something else ..."

Andrews has five children, four of whom live on Cape Cod. He said he and his wife ideally want to spend six months at the Cape and six months at their home in Florida.

"It's a tough decision," Andrews said. "There has been a lot of tears. It has been a marvelous 18 years, but the last few have been progressively frustrating."

Piper said Andrews was their zoning guru, and he was a prime component in their well-oiled machine. Code enforcement, zoning, planning and the tax collector worked very closely together. Piper said she isn't sure what will happen without Andrews.

"It's like a spoke in the wheel is missing," Piper said. "There are going to be a lot of things up in the air."

Piper said she isn't sure how long it will take to find someone to fill the position. If it doesn't get filled before Oct. 1, there may be a delay for residents seeking permits.

"It doesn't concern me at this point in time," Piper said. "But the administrator is worried."

The last line in Andrews' resignation reads: "Though a difficult and painful decision, it is time."