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"But Officer...these are collector cars!"  The law, the neighbors & common-sense beg to differ.


The tenants of this mobile home were gracious enough to sublet this makeshift room addition to this young mother and her infant...We quickly found another location for mom & child and had the mobile home and room addition removed from the face of the earth.



Typical small-issue Code Calls. Commercial & residential trash & debris. Fecal matter backing-up into a tenants shower. RV-trailer blocking sidewalk forcing kids into street.  Missing man-hole cover over grease discharge system in a retail parking-lot. Nusiance street-spam advertising.    These are all issues that code officers, nation-wide, issue citations for in the name of public health, safety and welfare.


Commercial Property; In this case a newer strip-mall.  Owner not maintaining approved site-plan regarding required landscaping, signage, maintenance. The monument sign is damaged, the parking ailse-ways are overgrown with weeds. Trash and debris littering parking area and screened waste container area...which is always left open.  This property is currently being fined $200 daily because owner/investor thinks it is not a big deal  and code enforcement is a joke! This is no joke. It adds to blight in a up-scale area and actually impacts neighboring property values.


More typical misc. violations: Illegal garage and porch enclosure conversions to living-space, a 3000' SF new vacant home being used as an affordable new-mattress storage facility (by using a realtor lock-box, matress company staff actually loading and unloading mattresses during evening hours) These things all impacting the neighboring property values and quality of life for near-by citizens.


More typical residentially-zoned area code violations



Protecting the public health, safety & welfare Nation-Wide!